One of the residents of Sunnydale,


Each of them quickly falls asleep, however, and their dreams are a pastiche of enigmatic episodes that both reveal a lot about each character, but also prefigures what will happen in times to come. Their dreams also mirror their roles in the spell they performed to kill Adam. The magic they used to defeat the influence of science creates an inverse crisis, violating the set series of laws. Both Riley and Adam, now only in human form, appear on the

Buffy’s son. They are wearing business suits, sitting together at a glass conference table as Buffy enters the room, telling her that they are naming things, as Adam did in the Garden of Eden – and making plans to take over the world. Buffy asks Adam what his name was before he was a monster, but he can’t tell her. Adam appears again in the series as one of the faces of the first Evil, the seventh season of Big Bad, in “Lessons”.

Graphic novel appearance

According to the haunted comic series, Adam was once a human member of the Initiative charged with protecting Professor Walsh. Mayor Richard Wilkins’ ghost, however, took over the body of a vampire, who was then captured by the Initiative. Desperate to escape, the mayor moved into the body of a dead demon and killed Adam. Having been one of his favorite agents, Professor Walsh promised to bring him back to life and put his body on his 314 Project. However, due to the complex nature of Buffyverse, this chain of events cannot, in fact, be canonical.

  • Riley distracts Adam’s Demonoid minions while Buffy confronts Adam. However, Adam, after modulating his arm to dispense with a minigun, is able to dominate
  • it. Suddenly, the spell begins to work: to function as a unit, Willow becomes the spirit, Giles the mind, Xander the heart, and Buffy the hand, or strength of
  • the whole. They work through Buffy to neutralize Adam, telling him “You could never hope to grasp the source of our power”.

Adam, alone, but intrigued, throws them to no avail. Adam then fires a missile, which is transformed into doves, and his weapon is reversed on his arm. They are able, through Buffy, to punch inside Adam’s chest, take out his uranium core, destroy it.Adam’s most significant influence after his death is in the next episode “Restless”, where the cost of defeating Adam is made apparent. Buffy’s fourth season was the first time in the series that the Scoobies’ Big Bad defeat did not occur in a two-part grand final of the season.

“Primeval” is not the last episode of the season. Joss Whedon felt so strongly about the importance of the four central characters that he dedicated the finale to exploring its development. “Restless” opens with Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles arriving at Buffy’s mother’s house still full of energy from the

Spell that united them in “Primeval”.

Jonathan Levinson (Danny Strong), casts a spell making him the center of attention in “Superstar”, Adam is the only character in the city who realizes it is an illusion. He explains his vision, saying that he is “conscious”. Its uniqueness has distinguish it. Adam is interested in how the illusion will play out, however, and watches that unfold. During the illusion, Jonathan-temporarily a part of Initiative-discovers Adam’s only weakness: the main source of uranium energy that, in effect, will never allow him to die.

  • “Primeval” that they were manipulated by Spike and return, apologetics. They realize that Adam has been orchestrating the capture of vampires and demons
  • that he can release them on the city’s Initiative; Initiative cells are becoming overcrowded and soldiers spread very thin and overworked. The soldiers and
  • the demons will then move on to kill each other. Adam then intends to use the resulting carnage to create an army of monsters much like him.

Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles realize that they must work as a unit to defeat Adam. They are captured trying to enter the initiative, but Adam travels to power, releasing all the demons and a fight erupts throughout the establishment. Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles get themselves into a room adjacent to 314 as Willow begins to cast the spell to join them all temporarily.

Pico simultaneously discovers Adam

is communicating with the city’s demon underworld, asking for favors through a charisma he has over them. Adam promises if Spike can drive beyond Buffy and Riley and his friends, he will remove Spike’s microchip. The plan to lead Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles beyond works for a while; at their lowest, the four refuse to speak to each other, but each realizes in

killing Dr. Walsh’s assistant and another soldier. He tells Riley that he knows Dr. Walsh created both of them, that she gave Riley chemists to strengthen him, which makes them brothers. When Riley refuses to acknowledge his call, Adam skewers Riley, and hits Buffy across the room, while Forrest and Graham are trying to get in the locked door. Adam leaves and the Initiative is tasked with hunting and killing him.

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