Monsters to set loose in Sunnydale.


Adam is a fictional character in the fourth season of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Played by George Hertzberg, he is a monster created from a man and the pieces collected from demons, vampires, and technology: the product of a perverse experiment carried out by military scientists.

Main character of the series, Buffy Summers, encounters and finally defeats in the fourth season. Adam is the brainchild of Dr. Maggie Walsh (Lindsay Crouse), the head of a military organization, called The Initiative that studies how to change the harmful behavior inherent in demons. Adam and the Initiative are main antagonists of the fourth season, or Big Bad.

The premise of the series

is that Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a murderer, endowed with superhuman strength to fight vampires and evil creatures in the fictional city of Sunnydale. In season four, Buffy begins attending college, where she learns that her psychology professor, Walsh, is a scientist for the Initiative.

  • Adam is Dr. Walsh’s horrible masterpiece, an allusion to the Frankenstein monster, whose conscious act is first killing its creator. Adam’s
  • quest for understanding himself and his true nature, combined by his penchant for chaos,
  • leads him to orchestrate a massacre between demons and humans, after which he will be able to use body parts left over from hand to
  • hand to create an army of

Buffy’s effectiveness as a murderer is increased because her closest friends and family, the so-called Scooby Gang, help her in her battles. By the end of the fourth season the group members have become strangers and must return together to defeat the seemingly invincible Adam.

Buffy academic studies critically examined Adam’s character, noting that he is a clear reference to the Frankenstein monster. Throughout the action of the novel, the monster constantly asks what he is and why he was created, much like Adam. Whedon wanted Adam to be curious and introspective, directing George Hertzberg to “find silence” in character.

Such it kills a clear example

Adam’s presence also serves to question tradition and authority, specifically institutional authority, which is a theme repeated on the show. Adam has a “design flaw”: Adam finds Dr. Walsh unnecessary (his existence complemented with technology), and as  of rejecting authority. Adam’s critical reception largely varied from mixed to negative. Some commentators felt their subplot was confusing and unconvincing. The Others appreciated the concept and praised the make-up and special effects used to create the character.

  • Adam makes his first appearance in the thirteenth episode of the fourth season, “The I on the team”. The first twelve episodes of the season lay out
  • comprehensive themes, with an increasing focus on the initiative’s mysterious activities. Buffy and
  • Willow start attending college, an experience that overwhelms Buffy immediately as she finds herself now outside her comfort zone.

At the season’s premiere, Buffy and Willow begin to attend a challenging psychology class taught by Dr. Maggie Walsh (Lindsay Crouse). She also attends teaching assistant to Dr. Walsh Riley Finn (Marc Blucas) and become attracted to each other. Riley is in charge of a military commando organization that hunts vampires and demons, and captures them for research. It is not revealed to the public that Dr. Walsh is the head of the branch of Riley’s military research organization, called the Initiative, until the seventh episode.

The objectives of the initiative are progressively more clear. The recurring character since the second season is Spike (James Marsters), a mercenary vampire who has fought both against and with Buffy in the past, depending on what suits his interests. Recently wanting to kill Buffy, Spike is captured by the Initiative before he can get to her and implanted with a chip in his brain that causes severe pain if he tries to attack humans to feed on them, or even to fight them.

Training with the Initiative,

Buffy starts enthusiastically  spending more time with Riley, and trying to impress Dr. Walsh. At different times, Willow, Xander and Giles warn Buffy that she doesn’t know the Initiative’s true motives and there are unanswered questions about her mission. Buffy starts asking questions during “The I on the team”. After being sent after a Polgara demon, a being with a skewer in her arm, she wants to know why the demon must be captured alive and unharmed, while it is used to kill demons. Your questions at first confuse Dr. Walsh, who answers anyone, so ci

document Dr. Walsh’s decision to remove Buffy from the initiative. After a failed attempt to kill Buffy, Dr. Walsh consoles himself by going to lab room 314 and talking to her pet project, Adam, who is laying on a table, apparently unconscious. Adam goes up and sticks up Dr. Walsh with the skewer in his arm, taken from the demon Polgara. His first word is “Mama”, which he says as Dr. Walsh falls to the ground, dead.

Riley, meanwhile, learns of the death of Dr. Walsh and his companions Forrest (Leonard Roberts) and Graham (Bailey Chase) suspect Buffy to be his killer. Extremely agitated and showing signs of drug withdrawal, he follows Buffy and demands to know the truth in “Goodbye Iowa”. None of them are aware of Adam until he re-emerges in the Initiative’s underground labs,


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