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It seems no surprise that it takes a lot of failed attempts to create something really brilliant. It’s just that these failed attempts sometimes have to be just stupid? The following examples of invention clearly indicate that their creators must take care of something completely different from designing solutions that make life easier for us.

Cigarette Smoking device

In the 50s. cigarette Smoking was not only a fashion and a way of life, but also a habit to which almost everyone was subjected. They all smoked, some of them, one by one. However, the real tough guys after the parcel Winstonów, immediately resorted after the parcel Cameli, and then after L&M.

This for them was created by the then analog iPhone, a symbol of addiction proudly used by women and men-a device for burning the entire pack of cigarettes… for one time. In the end, the invention turned out to be perfect in order to cause nausea and headache.

Cage for children

If you thought Smoking-20 cigarettes at a time – was stupid, what do you say to hanging a child out the window? Anyone in their 30s. last century complained about the lack of space in a small apartment, I could make myself this ingenious solution for hanging children outside the window. Cage for children

I imagine the author of this invention, which advertises it to potential customers-has some advantages: the child does not take up space in the apartment and is outdoors all day.

Anti-theft suitcase

In 1963, inventor John H. T. Rinfret invented a suitcase that, after falling into the hands of strangers, spilled its contents. On the idea of author project surprised the thief should was to leave potential production and to flee.

In practice, however, he could simply steal what fell out of the suitcase and leave it to finish the job to the owner.

Mask for gluttony

If you’re having trouble maintaining a diet, an inventor has created a simple “gadget” that will make it easier for you to lose weight. The idea is very simple-you lose weight because you eat. Therefore, the inventor eliminated the cause of the inefficiency of the diet by applying the muzzle to people. Now it remains only to ask someone reliable to hide the key in front of us and turn on only at certain “feeding time”.

Hat with TV

Watching videos in your tablet or phone is definitely outdated. A truly revolutionary way to spend your free time is a TV Hat, that is, a cover with a screen and headphones. Despite what we look like in this invention, we have based on the cardboard head, the manufacturers show that you use this gadget… in front of the TV. Really?

Hat with TV

Telephone fingers

End with finger marks on the phone. The drawback that is complained about so often in our reviews-the collection of fingerprints on the screens and cases of modern devices is a thing of the past. It is enough only to use this invention! True, the problem of impaired aesthetics has gone from finger marks to wearing something that looks like a glove to examine intimate parts or an udder simulator applied to the hand.

Which, however, doesn’t make for a lovely iPhone does it? Now we’re just waiting for an aesthetic bumper and we can feel like hipsters again.

Simulator ” nailing five”

Finally, we left not so much the invention as the finished product. In keeping with the spirit of modern times, the creation of modern solutions moves from the domain of hardware to the realm of software. This way you can execute silly ideas faster and cheaper. An example of such an introduced invention is the application ” High Five!”which allows you to hit on the hands… our tablet. Finally, the friend a real nerd deserves. Unfortunately for those who social connections do not identify with links to profiles on Facebook, this app is just sad.

  • Fork for spaghetti

When winding spaghetti on a regular fork becomes too cumbersome, try this special motor-powered fork. From the description of this gadget on the site we learn what gives more satisfactory workpieces and 100% joy of winding. Fork for spaghetti

  • Chair with innovative elliptical movement

According to the product description on the website, this chair will literally Wake up your vibrations. “Get up in the morning without coffee or harmful energy drinks …This modern helmet combines the best of ancient Chinese medicine, space technology of the 21st century… Just sit straight in the chair, press the button and let the elliptical movements do wonders with your body.

  • Cigars for the demanding

Do you miss one cigarette at a time? Why would in such a case not smoke immediately 20? In the picture, the fifka, built in 1955, can accommodate an entire package of scarves in one fell swoop.

  • Cotton wool foam gun

Shoot us guns and these for paintball, but why shoot different balls of foam? Here’s a BB gun pounding with sweet canapes with a few delicacies at a distance of more than 10 meters and-unlike other similar toys-equipped with an led that emits a beam of red light, allowing you to accurately track the target. There seems to be a lot of competition in the reed foam accessories market.

  • Self-tightening harmonica

If you want to play some musical instrument, but do not want to learn the DIN nor the technique of moving your fingers, try this instrument.

  • Popcorn sorter

Oh, how much you hate hard corn kernels popcorn. Picking them out of a bowl isn’t too nice either. For those who do not want to bother themselves, a special sorter has been created. Now, now… after all, they already sink to the bottom of the bowl, so why else would you sort them?

  • Submachine gun with curved barrel

Of all the fancy pistols, this M3 submachine gun has something extra-a curved barrel so you can shoot from behind the corners of buildings. It is an ideal weapon for guests who profess the principle: shoot first, see what comes later.

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