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Reacting to… Buffy, the Vampire Slayer – S2: Love (self) is what remainsText by Gih Alves and Rúvila Magalhães. “S1 doesn’t prepare anyone for the suffering of the coming seasons,” said Sofia, editor here at Headcanons and a fan of Buffy. She is accompanying us as we watch the series, always ready for warm hugs, comfort phrases and long debates about characters and situations.

More than once, she warned that it would get worse, in an attempt to comfort what was happening at the time. It didn’t work every time, after all, how would it get any worse than that ?, but Sofia was right, of course. That’s why we used your warning to start this analysis: does not prepare anyone for the suffering that is to come in the

22 episodes of the next season.

After the (necessary) warning that it will hurt, it is worth saying that those who liked the first season of the series will surely love the second, which is even better developed, with greater participation of secondary characters and insertion of new ones, which forms a plot rounder, funnier, with cute and fraternal moments between Scooby Gang.

  •  After surviving all the challenges and the Master, in Boca do Inferno, it seems that the days will be a little quieter for Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and the
  • Scooby Gang. Everything was going well, as far as possible for Sunnydale, until the arrival of new inhabitants:
  • Spike (James Marsters) and Drusilla (Juliet Landau). The vampire couple arrives in the city with Drusilla very weak and needing to perform a ritual to restore his health.

Out of patience for the contestants, Spike quickly gets rid of everyone and becomes one of the leaders of Sunnydale’s vampire community while making preparations to take care of his beloved’s eternal death. It is no coincidence that the couple is in Sunnydale: they need the blood of the vampire who transformed Drusilla for the healing ritual to work.

Love is one of the main characters and the greatest strength in the second season. Buffy is increasingly happy with Angel (David Boreanaz), the vampire cursed with a soul; Willow (Alyson Hannigan) goes on to date guitarist Daniel “Oz” Osbourne (Seth Green); Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) are in a major impasse between love and hate; Giles (Anthony Head) meets someone special at Professor Jenny Calendar (Robia LaMorte),

Capable of matching her intelligence;

a techno-pagan  and it seems that even Joyce (Kristine Sutherland), Buffy’s mother, has special (not so romantic) dates. It is also because of love that things start to go wrong.  Ah, the passion …Beware: big spoilers about the second season to follow! The difference between the first and second season of Buffy is noticeable from the beginning.

There is tension in the first episode, after Buffy’s return from vacation with her father. Her death, although only for a few minutes in the season finale of the previous season, marked the girl, and the first episode brings us a distant, alien Buffy, who has undergone changes. It is at the very beginning that one is sure that the series is not playing with the elements used, since Buffy’s death was not used as a vague script resource, but rather it has a weight on the character,

  • which even defeats the characters. friends, closed in that bubble that only she is able to understand. Clapping for the script, which gives us a human, adolescent
  • Buffy, not knowing how to deal with what happened and having the support necessary to accept and overcome in friends. And that event has more than psychological effects on Buffy.

Her brief death caused another hunter to activate: Kendra. Raised completely differently from Buffy’s, Kendra knows how to recite excerpts from the manuals, had an exemplary training since she was a child, when she was handed over to her sentry, since she had great potential to be the next chosen one.

Kendra’s sentinel banned her from social,

romantic or even family contacts, claiming it would be a distraction from her mission. She is the opposite of Buffy, created to see vampires as nothing but monsters, without pausing to know whether or not they have a soul. This is something that causes shock when meeting Buffy: neither hunter knows about the other’s existence.

  • Kendra was sent to Sunnydale by her sentry and the first time she sees Buffy, she is kissing Angel, so the second hunter believes that Buffy is a vampire and
  • decides that she needs to die. Upon receiving the attack, Buffy believes she is one of the killers hired to kill her. “I’m
  • Kendra, the vampire slayer” is a shocking moment that shows that Buffy’s death was not in vain.

And, hey, now there are two hunters, the chances of saving the world are doubled! As I said before: this season is painful – but it has great and difficult lessons. And the whole way would have been even more difficult if Buffy didn’t have her Scooby Gang by her side. If in the first season Giles, Willow and Xander were indispensable pieces for the success of Buffy in her missions,

in the second season the strength and unity of the group only increased, as well as the number of members. In addition to Jenny, the group’s new regular is Cordelia Chase, who has gone from being the school’s patrician-popular stereotype to a loser’s girlfriend, but, like everything else in this series, this happens in a very organic way and shows many different layers of Cordelia

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